iTube for iPhone, iPad, iOS Devices


iTube for iPhone, iPad, iOS Devices: iTube with the former name “Play Tube” provides you the amazing features of the watching and downloading the YouTube videos. It is available on the iPhone, iPad, iOS, Windows and so on. You just have to download and install it on your device. But before downloading this application you must install its .APK files to make it supportive. iTube provides you the varieties of contents as it is attached to the database of the YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo site. Let’s take a glance at the iTube versions for iPhone, iPhone, iPad, and iOS Devices.

iTube Application for iPhone and iPad

Mostly people think that iTube and YouTube application are similar but I reality they both provide you the same stuff i.e. videos but are different applications. There is a positive rating against the iTube as it provides the best ever features for watching, downloading, saving videos as offline and so on. In The past iTube were only available for downloading the iTunes videos but now it also fetches the videos of YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo site. iTube can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad, and android supported devices but before you run this application you need to install the APK on the device. You can also utilize this feature by Emulator app. iTube Download PC is also available.

You can also visit the locales to download the videos from YouTube. This works same as any video downloading app do. At you need to put the web address to download the video of high quality. When the video is downloaded then you can visit another site like to get another video. But all of above are the slow methods and you need to wait and pause your tasks. But iTube allows you to perform the background task in an efficient manner without generating an interrupt in the video downloading process.

iTube Application for iOS

For iOS, it is the best video player with amazing features. You can manage the playlist and can watch it anytime.  iTube features were limited at the time of deployment and only available for the android user but iTube pro is now available on the iPhone, iOS, iPads, PC and so on.

How to install iTube on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Hold your iPhone/ iPad and search for the iTube application in the search bar of the Chrome/ safari/ Firefox or any other browser.
  2. A list of locales will appear, check these all with destinations painstakingly.
  3. Copy paste the best website.
  4. Download the IPA for you iTube application.
  5. After download, the IPA record, check its IPA doc in the admin side.
  6. You can discover the IPA records from the file manager in the download folder of the mobile.
  7. Click on the iTube app’s IPA record and install it.
  8. Now download and install the iTube application.
  9. The iTube app icon will appear on your home screen.
  10. Now enjoy the amazing features of the iTube

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