Online Marketing is a vital part of e-commerce business. An e-commerce business hinges upon trading products or services online with customers present on the internet. Online marketing is fascinating yet challenging on considering the hindrance involved and mistakes one make thereon. Every year hundreds of entrepreneurs appears with their amazing ideas of establishing themselves at the global level, however many of them of them dissolves along the tides of time for they are hindrances or mistakes that appears while marketing on the digital platform. In case of e-commerce, despite offering huge discounts and offers many online shopping retailers such as Lenskart and others which offers lenskart discount offers, have to keep in mind proper online strategy to survive in the cut-throat competition in the market.

These are the list of mistakes one make in online marketing, which are to be overreached for prosperity.

1 Overconfidence is one the biggest problem an entrepreneur would have while commencing an e-commerce business. This leads to thinner analysis of market, neglecting viable strategies, and certainly ignoring vulnerabilities corresponding to budget, commitment, and technology. Eventually, business collapses along the following years and causes intense loss and bankruptcy.

2 Too much focus on earning business revenue begets ignorance over business network which is the integral part of any businesses. Online marketing centres around bolstering the network of online traffic through effective strategies, and enhanced desire to earn loads of revenue causes could lead to unfair means of accumulating customers. This affects the quality, consequently staining the relationship with customer who could have been the best source of revenue.

3 Improper resource management is another hindrance or mistake that dismantles a business. An entrepreneur could be highly educated but if he or she lacks the skill to manage the resources essential for business development then it is obvious that business would not last too long. An e-commerce business requires adroit resource management skills which include tracking orders, getting the product ready for dispatch, quality maintenance, leveraging manpower, and developing more technical empowerment.

4 Following others and copying other business plan would not be of much help in bolstering an e-commerce business. If an entrepreneur uploads copied contents for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then it would let Google crash his or her website’s ranking. Furthermore, following and applying same Social Media Marketing (SMM) and other online marketing strategies could lead to less online traffic as people prefers to be with the unique for better benefits and distinctiveness.

5 Little and no knowledge of how to implement social media marketing strategy could also caused failure in social media optimization. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are the most important social media platform where people around the world gathers to communicate or exchange informations. Selecting the target audience and then leveraging all the tactics necessary to connect with them are highly mandatory to expect better customer network through social media. Neglecting social media or lack of knowledge on it would cause huge loss in connecting with potential targets that might empower business revenue.

The failure in online marketing is faced by many, however the ones who improvised their skills, analysed their negatives, and thereby improvised themselves to fight the battle again created history. Failure is the pillar of success but one has to understand what exactly is causing the failure, and then on striving to take all actions to overcome them in terms of online marketing strategy could result in progressive development of trade & commerce.

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Reasons to Spend Honeymoon in Abu Dhabi


Desert Safari Abu Dhabi attracts adventure lovers from all over the world, but I’ll disagree with you if you think it’s the only reason to visit it. Abu Dhabi comprises entertainment stuff for everyone. Luxurious hotels, see worthy beauty, skyscraper building, and natural beauty of desert make it an ideal place for a newlywed couple to spend their honeymoon. The Arab culture and music make it most exhilarating place while the barren beauty of desert provides you many adventure opportunities. Read the article to learn more about the excitements available in Abu Dhabi and plan to visit the blew-mentioned places that have potential to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert safari is itself a full package of entertainment. Arab heritage and culture spell bound you while the dune bashing and camel trekking make you feel like a character of an AlifLella tale. Overnight stay packages in desert safari Abu Dhabi include Arab music and belly dance as well. The delicious Arab food enriches the taste of your tour while the traditional shisha and tea let you experience Bedouin life. Cool sand, shining stars in the sky, and blowing breeze relax your mind and create a romantic environment for you.

Luxurious Hotels  

Stay in luxurious hotels and get every type of comfort. Almost every big or small hotel offers honeymoon packages that include the mesmerizing decoration of the room, flowers, and special food for the couple. The skyscraper hotels like Jumeirah at Etihad Tower arrange high-tea and dinners on the roof of the tower from where you can see the vividness of the city. Special juices and soft drinks are included in the wedding package while the special verity of cuisines is added up in the menu.

Exciting Hot Balloon Ride   

What else will feel more romantic than flying on the magic carpet with your spouse? Hot balloon ride in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari lets you enjoy the mesmerizing scenes of sand dunes, shiny sand particles, and running jeeps from hundreds of feet height. Grab your spouse’s hand and see the fiery orange sunlight converting day into night and leaving the blackish cover of darkness behind it. See the beauty of ocean and emerald green oasis. The wandering oryx and camel trekking make a beautiful combination that leaves an everlasting impression on your mind.

Best Shopping Centers  

One of the most famous excursions in Abu Dhabi is its shopping centers that give you the most exciting and memorable shopping experience. Extravagant mega malls are abounded with jewelry shops, gold ornaments, decoration pieces, and branded dresses. Every brand and quality products are the part of shopping malls. Everything becomes in you access when you step in the shopping malls of Abu Dhabi. From a woven sweater to fragrances and from luxurious vehicles to footwear, buy what you want and enjoy shopping like nowhere else.

Desert Themed Photography

Expert photographers offer desert wedding photography at affordable rates. Capture the natural beauty of the desert around camels and oryx.  Steal the striking sights of sand dunes and make the shining sand pearls a part of your trip. Take away the attractiveness of moving jeeps with you to cherish them for lifetime.

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Heart-throbbing Beach Beauty

Al-Bateen Beach, Saadiyat Public Beach, and Corniche are some famous beaches of Abu Dhabi where there is no limit of entertainment. They are stretched many kilometers and let the visitors take sunbaths, enjoy cool water, and eat delicious food. Walking tracks and cafes around the beaches boost the excitement of the tour.  Relax and rejuvenate after a hectic wedding schedule. You can also book a hotel near an island to get a continuous spectacular glimpse of beach beauty.